When does masonry need to be fixed or replaced?

Masonry is one of the most durable building materials.

That being said, even the most soundly designed and installed masonry will benefit from occasional maintenance. If the masonry on your property is showing signs of aging or is breaking down, you should have it repaired or restored by a qualified stone mason. 


Masonry Repair

Regular repairs and maintenance can extend the life of existing masonry and protect the structural integrity of your property, preventing more costly problems down the road.  Here are some signs your masonry needs repair:

    • cracked, chipped, or crumbling mortar
    • cracked or chipped bricks/stone
    • discolouration (a sign of moisture retention)
    • water damage


The homeowners called us when they noticed stone and mortar crumbling on their chimney. If you look closely at the top of the first photo you can see flashing nailed behind the stone. However, the flashing is designed to make water flow off the top of the chimney and down over the stone. We replaced the flashing and repaired the stone and mortar before more significant damage could occur.

Crumbling mortar and stonework on a chimney.
Crumbling mortar and stonework on a chimney.
A closer look at the damage that's been caused.
A closer look at the damage that's been caused.

Masonry Restoration

Restoration typically involves fully replacing the masonry materials. Some reasons why your masonry may require full restoration include:

    • lack of preventative maintenance
    • improper installation procedures
    • environmental factors
    • age of the structure (e.g. heritage buildings)

In Our Customers' Words


In 2019, Tyler did a small job of resurfacing the stucco on our patio, after we updated the railings. We found him very personable at that time. A year later when we discovered a potential problem with the rock on our chimney, he was the first person we thought of. 

He did a thorough inspection of the chimney and let us know the initial installation of flashing on the chimney cap was faulty, causing the sloughing of our chimney stone. Once it was determined how much rock was needed, we received the quote and time frame of job completion. 

Tyler and team started the project earlier than expected. They took great lengths to protect our home from potential damage from rocks or equipment. They were on time, friendly, respectful of their job site, kept us up to date of potential further issues and timelines, answered all our questions without hesitation, and tidied the job site daily. 

Not only did Tyler and team show incredible talent working with the stone, he also corrected the initial problem by replacing the flashing so we would not have future issues. We would highly recommend Tyler and his team at TRC Masonry without hesitation. 


TRC Masonry Maintenance Services

We want you to enjoy your building's beautiful stone or brick features for years to come. If you have a concern about any masonry on your property, please contact us. Following a site visit, we'll let you know what's required and solve your problem in a timely and professional manner.