Stand out on your block for all the right reasons.

Masonry features add grandeur, beauty, and function to the exterior of your home or property.

Whether you want to upgrade your home/building exterior, make more effective use of your property, or increase your property value for the future, we have masonry solutions for you. Our custom designs reflect your personal style as well as your outdoor lifestyle wants and needs. 

House Exterior - Cultured Stone

Exterior Walls

Customize the look of your home/building by selecting from the wide variety of modern masonry materials now available. With so many options, we can help you find the best products to add contrast or complement the existing exterior. 

Ek's Grill - Archway

Archways and Pillars

Masonry arches and pillars have been used for centuries for both their aesthetic appeal and structural advantage. We design and install arches and pillars for both residential and commercial properties.

Chimney crop2


Masonry chimneys are made from a variety of materials including metal, brick, mortar, concrete block, flue tile, stone, and cast iron. Constructed correctly, they are energy efficient and a beautiful way to enhance your home.


Patios and Walkways

Do you have an area of your property that's unused? Are your outdoor spaces looking dated? Stone patios and walkways can transform these areas into attractive living and entertaining spaces. 

Front Drive Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are generally built to prevent a hill from eroding, or to maximize garden space on a sloped part of your property. They can be a visually appealing and functional addition to any landscape. 


Garden Beds

Bricks, blocks, or stones are used to create an attractive border around your plants, helping to contain both the soil and vegetation. Masonry garden beds last almost indefinitely with little maintenance.

Hot Tub Slabs

Hot Tub Slabs

One of the best places to put your hot tub is on a structural concrete slab which can be clad in your choice of flagstone. Concrete is extremely stable, long-lasting, and supports the weight of the hot tub when filled with water and bathers. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Fireplaces/Kitchens

Enjoy entertaining? A luxurious custom masonry patio with an outdoor fireplace or kitchen will create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your guests. Elevate the look of your backyard and enjoy outdoor living, Okanagan-style.



Having your driveway built with stone or brick pavers will greatly enhance your property's curb appeal. Pavers are as durable as concrete, safer in wet conditions, and generally easier to maintain. 

Japanese Gardens

Looking for some Zen in your landscape? We can design and install a Japanese garden using natural stone elements, water features, and plants. The result—a serene space for quiet thought and time with nature.

Pool Decks

Your pool deck can be both stunning and safe. Stone or brick pavers can be laid in an endless variety of designs, creating visual impact. Because of their non-slick surface, they're also a slip-resistant choice for wet pool decks.

Water Features

If you've ever looked at your yard and thought it needed something special, a water feature could be the perfect addition to your landscape. A masonry fountain, waterfall, or pond will add a unique aesthetic touch.

More Exterior Project Photos

Featured Exterior Project

Here's a unique project we enjoyed doing.

We designed and installed a structural concrete slab to support this totem pole when it was raised. The pole was carved by Indigenous master carver, Darren McKenzie (pictured here).

We can create structural concrete slabs like this one to support any outdoor sculpture.

Our team also helped in the early stages with hollowing out the back of the totem pole, a one-of-a kind experience we won't soon forget. It was a great opportunity to be part of the community that had a hand in bringing the totem to life.

Concrete Slab for Totem Pole

In Our Customers' Words


Our back yard was a street-facing mountain slope with no curb appeal. It was very steep and barely walkable, so was difficult to manage. Beyond a bit of ground cover and some weeds, not much grew there. We wanted this space to function as an attractive extension of our home and yard. 

We shared our wishes with Tyler, who confidently tackled this challenging project. WIth his creative vision and expertise, Tyler and his team gave our ‘ugly duckling’ yard new life. It now has level walking paths, both rock and concrete stairways, and garden beds bordered with rock and retaining walls. New plants will complete the transformation.

During the process, many people stopped to both admire the upgrade and comment on the skill and work ethic shown by the team from TRC.  We’re very pleased with the result and definitely recommend TRC Masonry for anyone wanting to make better use of their outdoor spaces.


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