Express your style with stunning masonry features.

The use of stone or brick adds a striking, upscale look to your home or building interior.

Constructed of high quality materials, masonry features can also create beautiful focal points, transforming your interior space in a way that only masonry can. With the products available today, there are countless options that will complement your interior design be it modern, elegant, rustic, industrial, or more traditional. 


One of the best places to start with indoor masonry is a gorgeous stone or brick fireplace. A fireplace accented by natural stone or brick will add warmth, richness, and value to your home. With its natural beauty and enduring qualities, your fireplace will be the centrepiece of your home for years to come. 

Feature Walls

Stone or brick feature walls add texture and natural beauty to your interior design. They create a 'wow' factor in front entryways and work well in open floor plans, helping to define the different areas of the space. Masonry feature walls can also provide natural sound proofing, especially in areas where there are high ceilings. 

Fireplace and Adjacent Feature Wall
Fireplace and Adjacent Feature Wall
Feature Wall - Work in Progress
Feature Wall - Work in Progress

Steam Showers


Many homeowners want to recreate a luxury spa experience at home. We can build you a steam shower with a stone and/or tiled steam-proof enclosure. Much like a shower stall, it emits warm vaporous steam instead of water.

Wine Cellars

Love your Okanagan wines? A wine cellar constructed from stone and/or brick is the perfect place to store and display your collection. These materials are your best choice for maintaining optimum humidity and moisture levels.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen with Red Brick Veneer

A backsplash made of thin stone or brick slabs called veneers adds a unique texture to your kitchen. Heat-resistant, they come in a variety of colours and textures to coordinate with any interior design style.

Flooring - Entrance/Kitchen/Bath

Masonry flooring can run the gamut from rugged stone and brick to sleek tiles made from marble or slate. It has heat-retaining properties, is exceptionally durable, and adds a stunning aesthetic to any room.

There are many creative ways to bring stone and brick into your home.

You imagine it ... we make it happen.